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Besides PDFPrinting.NET TerminalWorks mainly focuses on remote desktop products. TSPrint is the market leading remote desktop printing product and it relies on PDFPrinting.NET to get its job done.

Take a look below at other products offered by TerminalWorks. All our products follow the same philosophy of being easy to use and having a simple licensing model which suits the needs of our customers. By following those guidelines, we managed to reach out to more than 10000 customers worldwide.


Terminal Server Printing

TSPrint is the RDP printing software for your Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, VDI, or Citrix environment.

Remote Desktop Scanning

Fully TWAIN standard compliant scanner mapping for your remote desktop, terminal services, VDI or Citrix server.

Universal TWAIN Importer

UniTwain, a virtual scanner, appears to your application, like any physical scanning device. When you select to scan from it, the UniTwain interface appears.

PDF Command Line Printing

CLPrint allows you to print your PDF document immediately, from the command prompt. That comes in handy for automated BATCH scripts, and also makes it easier to print PDF.

Command Line PDF Scanning

CLScan is based on the codebase of TSScan which is one of the most popular remote desktop scanning products on the market.product.

.NET scanning

TwainScanning.NET is a library for scanning from .NET applications.

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