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Predefined keys of this dictionary. The description comes from PDF 1.4 Reference.
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Namespace: PdfEdit.Pdf.AcroForms
Assembly: PdfPrintingNet (in PdfPrintingNet.dll) Version: (

public class Keys : KeysBase

The PdfAcroFieldKeys type exposes the following members.


Public methodPdfAcroFieldKeys
Initializes a new instance of the PdfAcroFieldKeys class

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Public fieldStatic memberAA
(Optional; PDF 1.2) An additional-actions dictionary defining the field’s behavior in response to various trigger events. This entry has exactly the same meaning as the AA entry in an annotation dictionary.
Public fieldStatic memberDA
(Required; inheritable) The default appearance string, containing a sequence of valid page-content graphics or text state operators defining such properties as the field’s text size and color.
Public fieldStatic memberDR
(Required; inheritable) A resource dictionary containing default resources (such as fonts, patterns, or color spaces) to be used by the appearance stream. At a minimum, this dictionary must contain a Font entry specifying the resource name and font dictionary of the default font for displaying the field’s text.
Public fieldStatic memberDV
(Optional; inheritable) The default value to which the field reverts when a reset-form action is executed. The format of this value is the same as that of V.
Public fieldStatic memberFf
(Optional; inheritable) A set of flags specifying various characteristics of the field. Default value: 0.
Public fieldStatic memberFT
(Required for terminal fields; inheritable) The type of field that this dictionary describes: Btn Button Tx Text Ch Choice Sig (PDF 1.3) Signature Note: This entry may be present in a nonterminal field (one whose descendants are themselves fields) in order to provide an inheritable FT value. However, a nonterminal field does not logically have a type of its own; it is merely a container for inheritable attributes that are intended for descendant terminal fields of any type.
Public fieldStatic memberKids
(Optional) An array of indirect references to the immediate children of this field.
Public fieldStatic memberPage
Optional: Reference to the Page object containing this field
Public fieldStatic memberParent
(Required if this field is the child of another in the field hierarchy; absent otherwise) The field that is the immediate parent of this one (the field, if any, whose Kids array includes this field). A field can have at most one parent; that is, it can be included in the Kids array of at most one other field.
Public fieldStatic memberQ
(Optional; inheritable) A code specifying the form of quadding (justification) to be used in displaying the text: 0 Left-justified 1 Centered 2 Right-justified Default value: 0 (left-justified).
Public fieldStatic memberT
(Optional) The partial field name.
Public fieldStatic memberTM
(Optional; PDF 1.3) The mapping name to be used when exporting interactive form field data from the document.
Public fieldStatic memberTU
(Optional; PDF 1.3) An alternate field name, to be used in place of the actual field name wherever the field must be identified in the user interface (such as in error or status messages referring to the field). This text is also useful when extracting the document’s contents in support of accessibility to disabled users or for other purposes.
Public fieldStatic memberV
(Optional; inheritable) The field’s value, whose format varies depending on the field type; see the descriptions of individual field types for further information.
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