PdfEdit.Charting NamespaceTerminal Works - PDF Printing.Net Library

Public classAxis
This class represents an axis in a chart.
Public classAxisTitle
Represents the title of an axis.
Public classChart
Represents charts with different types.
Public classChartFrame
Represents the frame which holds one or more charts.
Public classChartObject
Base class for all chart classes.
Public classDataLabel
Represents a DataLabel of a Series
Public classDocumentObject
Base class for all chart classes.
Public classDocumentObjectCollection
Base class of all collections.
Public classFillFormat
Defines the background filling of the shape.
Public classFont
Font represents the formatting of characters in a paragraph.
Public classGridlines
Represents the gridlines on the axes.
Public classLegend
Represents a legend of a chart.
Public classLineFormat
Defines the format of a line in a shape object.
Public classPlotArea
Represents the area where the actual chart is drawn.
Public classPoint
Represents a formatted value on the data series.
Public classSeries
Represents a series of data on the chart.
Public classSeriesCollection
The collection of data series.
Public classSeriesElements
Represents the collection of the values in a data series.
Public classTickLabels
Represents the format of the label of each value on the axis.
Public classXSeries
Represents a series of data on the X-Axis.
Public classXSeriesElements
Represents the collection of the value in an XSeries.
Public classXValue
Represents the actual value on the XSeries.
Public classXValues
Represents the collection of values on the X-Axis.

Public enumerationBlankType
Determines how null values will be handled in a chart.
Public enumerationChartType
Specifies with type of chart will be drawn.
Public enumerationDataLabelPosition
Determines where the data label will be positioned.
Public enumerationDataLabelType
Determines the type of the data label.
Public enumerationDockingType
Specifies the legend's position inside the chart.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Used to determine the horizontal alignment of the axis title.
Public enumerationLineStyle
Specifies the line style of the LineFormat object.
Public enumerationMarkerStyle
Symbols of a data point in a line chart.
Public enumerationTickMarkType
Determines the position where the Tickmarks will be rendered.
Public enumerationUnderline
Specifies the underline type for the font.
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment
Used to determine the vertical alignment of the axis title.