PdfPrintStatus EnumerationTerminal Works - PDF Printing.Net Library
Status of PDFPrint operation execution

Namespace: PdfPrintingNet
Assembly: PdfPrintingNet (in PdfPrintingNet.dll) Version: (

public enum Status

  Member nameValueDescription
OK0 Everything is OK.
FILE_DOESNT_EXIST1 File doesn't exist.
CANNOT_PRINT_FILE2 Cannot print file.
PRINTER_DOESNT_EXIST3 Printer doesn't exist.
INVALID_DEVMOD4 Invalid printer properties structure.
NOT_AVAILABLE_PRINTER_PROPERTIES5 Printer properties are not available.
CANT_INITIALIZE_PRINTER6 Can't initialize printer.
PASSWORD_INVALID10 Invalid password for password protected PDF.
INVALID_PDF7 Not a valid PDF file.
FILENAME_NOT_SET8 PDF file name not set.
PASSWORD_NOT_PROVIDED9 PDF is password protected and password isn't provided.
UNKNOWN_ERROR11 Unknown error.
INVALID_PRINT_RANGE12 Invalid print range.
PAGE_NUMBER_DOESNT_EXIST13 Page number doesn't exist.
PRINTING_CANCELLED14 Printing cancelled.
INVALID_ADOBE_PRINT_RANGE15 Invalid adobe print range.
NOT_32_BIT16 With Adobe only 32 bit is supported.
INVALID_IMAGE_TYPE17 Invalid image type.
NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY18 Not enough memory for printing.
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