PdfEdit.Drawing NamespaceTerminal Works - PDF Printing.Net Library

Public classXBitmapDecoder
Provides functionality to load a bitmap image encoded in a specific format.
Public classXBitmapEncoder
Provides functionality to save a bitmap image in a specific format.
Public classXBitmapImage
Defines a pixel based bitmap image.
Public classXBitmapSource
Defines an abstract base class for pixel based images.
Public classXBrush
Classes derived from this abstract base class define objects used to fill the interiors of paths.
Public classXBrushes
Brushes for all the pre-defined colors.
Public classXColorResourceManager
Manages the localization of the color class.
Public classXColors
Represents a set of 141 pre-defined RGB colors. Incidentally the values are the same as in System.Drawing.Color.
Public classXFont
Defines an object used to draw text.
Public classXFontFamily
Defines a group of typefaces having a similar basic design and certain variations in styles.
Public classXFontMetrics
Collects information of a font.
Public classXFontSource
The bytes of a font file.
Public classXForm
Represents a graphical object that can be used to render retained graphics on it. In GDI+ it is represented by a Metafile, in WPF by a DrawingVisual, and in PDF by a Form XObjects.
Public classXGraphics
Represents a drawing surface for a fixed size page.
Public classXGraphicsSpaceTransformer
(This class is under construction.) Currently used in MigraDoc
Public classXGraphicsXGraphicsInternals
Provides access to internal data structures of the XGraphics class.
Public classXGraphicsContainer
Represents the internal state of an XGraphics object.
Public classXGraphicsPath
Represents a series of connected lines and curves.
Public classXGraphicsPathInternals
Provides access to the internal data structures of XGraphicsPath. This class prevents the public interface from pollution with internal functions.
Public classXGraphicsState
Represents the internal state of an XGraphics object. This class is used as a handle for restoring the context.
Public classXImage
Defines an object used to draw image files (bmp, png, jpeg, gif) and PDF forms. An abstract base class that provides functionality for the Bitmap and Metafile descended classes.
Public classXImageFormat
Specifies the format of the image.
Public classXLinearGradientBrush
Defines a Brush with a linear gradient.
Public classXPdfFontOptions
Specifies details about how the font is used in PDF creation.
Public classXPdfForm
Represents a so called 'PDF form external object', which is typically an imported page of an external PDF document. XPdfForm objects are used like images to draw an existing PDF page of an external document in the current document. XPdfForm objects can only be placed in PDF documents. If you try to draw them using a XGraphics based on an GDI+ context no action is taken if no placeholder image is specified. Otherwise the place holder is drawn.
Public classXPen
Defines an object used to draw lines and curves.
Public classXPens
Pens for all the pre-defined colors.
Public classXPrivateFontCollection
Makes fonts that are not installed on the system available within the current application domain.
In Silverlight required for all fonts used in PDF documents.
Public classXSolidBrush
Defines a single color object used to fill shapes and draw text.
Public classXStringFormat
Represents the text layout information.
Public classXStringFormats
Represents predefined text layouts.

Public structureXColor
Represents a RGB, CMYK, or gray scale color.
Public structureXMatrix
Represents a 3-by-3 matrix that represents an affine 2D transformation.
Public structureXPoint
Represents a pair of floating point x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
Public structureXRect
Stores a set of four floating-point numbers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
Public structureXSize
Represents a pair of floating-point numbers, typically the width and height of a graphical object.
Public structureXUnit
Represents a value and its unit of measure. The structure converts implicitly from and to double with a value measured in point.
Public structureXVector
Represents a two-dimensional vector specified by x- and y-coordinates.

Public enumerationXColorSpace
Currently not used. Only DeviceRGB is rendered in PDF.
Public enumerationXCombineMode
Specifies how different clipping regions can be combined.
Public enumerationXDashStyle
Specifies the style of dashed lines drawn with an XPen object.
Public enumerationXFillMode
Specifies how the interior of a closed path is filled.
Public enumerationXFontStyle
Specifies style information applied to text.
Public enumerationXGraphicsPdfPageOptions
Specifies how the content of an existing PDF page and new content is combined.
Public enumerationXGraphicsUnit
Specifies the unit of measure.
Public enumerationXKnownColor
Specifies all pre-defined colors. Used to identify the pre-defined colors and to localize their names.
Public enumerationXLineAlignment
Specifies the alignment of a text string relative to its layout rectangle
Public enumerationXLinearGradientMode
Specifies the direction of a linear gradient.
Public enumerationXLineCap
Specifies the available cap styles with which an XPen object can start and end a line.
Public enumerationXLineJoin
Specifies how to join consecutive line or curve segments in a figure or subpath.
Public enumerationXMatrixOrder
Specifies the order for matrix transform operations.
Public enumerationXPageDirection
Specifies the direction of the y-axis.
Public enumerationXSmoothingMode
Specifies whether smoothing (or antialiasing) is applied to lines and curves and the edges of filled areas.
Public enumerationXStringAlignment
Specifies the alignment of a text string relative to its layout rectangle.
Public enumerationXStyleSimulations
Describes the simulation style of a font.
Public enumerationXSweepDirection
Defines the direction an elliptical arc is drawn.